When it Comes to Veterinary Equipment…

High-Tech Equates to High-Care

Simple veterinary procedures can be traced the whole way back to 9,000 B.C. Pre-Neolithic man no doubt performed necessary tasks, such as thorn removal, tooth extractions, mending of wounds, or even amputations to make existence more comfortable for, or even save the lives of, their companion dogs.

However, when substantial injuries or internal disease threatened the lives of ancient man’s animals, there was little that he could do to divert the course of fate.

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Today, the equipment in top quality veterinary clinics is comparable to that of hospitals and diagnostic centers for conventional human medicine. Search out these modern pet clinics, and you’re likely to find high-tech devices such as radiology equipment for finding fractures and tumors; EKGs for detecting heart activity; arthroscopic surgical equipment for joint repairs; lasers for dermatological procedures; rotating positioning tables for use during laparoscopic surgery; in-house diagnostic laboratory equipment; and much, much more.

Not only will you find much of the same equipment in a modern animal hospital as you will in a human hospital, but new equipment is evolving in a manner that makes this year’s products even faster and more exact than those of last year.

Is There a Cap on the Level of Care That Your Pet Deserves?

No matter the lifestyle of your pet…hard work in dust and wide-open spaces, or jewels and posh sweaters in a lavender-scented apartment…she deserves the best, most modern methods for diagnosis and treatment.

In seeming contrast, but actual synergy, high-tech modern diagnosis and treatment is most successful when offered along with holistic, complementary, and alternative medicine. When a veterinarian has the modern tools to diagnose problems, and the centuries-proven methods of curing without unnecessary use of medication (acupuncture, herbal treatments, diet therapy, Chinese medicine), then you and your pet stand the greatest chance of success.

If Pre-Neolithic man would have had access to a veterinarian with a pulse sensor, an electronic blood pressure monitor, or a hematology analyzer, he might have jumped at the chance to offer his animal a higher level of care. He didn’t know what thousands of years of research and development held in store. But we, however, are living in an age that has immersed us in options…into the future, and steeped in the past…for the best chance of successful veterinary treatment.

p.s. In your search for your pet’s next veterinarian, inquire about the doctor’s view on treatment. Ask if he or she invests in the latest technology for diagnosis and treatment of animal ailments. Also ask if he or she couples that silicon-age philosophy with the timeless practice of holistic medicine. If both answers are affirmative, then you’ve uncovered a multi-faceted treasure.

p.p.s. This idea of seeking out a veterinarian that utilizes the latest in technology is really just a simple investment equation. When your pet’s veterinarian invests in the latest, it gives you optimum opportunity to invest in the greatest – your pet.

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