When Your Pet’s Veterinarian has Studied Abroad…

You Reap the Benefits…Without the Commute

Top chefs, leading massage therapists, and principal fashion designers are among professionals whose careers benefit from studies abroad. But what about veterinarians? Add them to the list. Motivated students, whether as undergraduates, post-graduates, or life-long learners, pack their bags because they see the value in studying from the masters (and bringing it all back to you).

Maybe you’ve never considered it, but when your pet’s veterinarian has studied outside the boundaries of his or her homeland, a rainbow of treatment options come back home with them.

Why a Vet’s Luggage Matters

Trained-abroad professionals who participated in a variety of case studies reported jumps in confidence in their specific fields, along with significant foreign language recognition. Additionally, they’ve overwhelmingly reported that their acquired worldviews have served to round their sense of business practice, along with cultural awareness, empathy, and tolerance.

Friendships and business connections made with other foreign professionals afford well-educated veterinarians access to new alternate concepts when treating your pet.

So, ask your pet’s vet. If he or she has traveled to New York City to study veterinary surgery; or to Switzerland to study acupuncture, cardiomyopathy, or clinical neurology; or to The States to train in echography; or to Peking to learn the art of Chinese holistic medicine; then you’ve landed yourself (and your pet) a package deal. For every education trek that a veterinarian adds to his or her resume, you’re gaining another professional viewpoint and methodology.

Studying Abroad not for the Narrow-Minded

A veterinarian who has studied abroad has not only broadened his or her own horizons, but also your opportunity to reap the benefits of their acquired knowledge. Studies abroad foster multifaceted views, alternate techniques, and stand-in plans of attack (some of which may eliminate the need for medication).

p.s. When you trust the care of your pet to a doctor who has taken the time to train abroad, you give your pet the opportunity to reap the benefits of knowledge from around the world, without the commute.

p.p.s. If you’re a citizen who’s concerned with the world’s current state of unrest, know that the United States’ National Security Council has cited that studies abroad serve as instrumental steps in establishing world synchronization. When we travel, we open doors. When you patronize professionals who have traveled and garnered what the great minds of the world have to offer, you’re doing a service to the cause of peace.

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